Monday, May 21, 2007

Sense exercise

Here is a link to my sensory stimuli exercise answers.

I chose to deliver this post via MP3 files. This exercise was fairly easy for me since I spend my whole life attuned to my various senses and I like to describe things I am experiencing. I chose the audio format because I think it is a little more immediate for you since I am speaking in your ear instead of interfacing with you in the normal written way.

It is interesting that this class has opened a flood gate of creative expression for me. I think I am learning as much, if not more, than everyone in the class about expressing myself creatively. That is often the case when I teach something. The students are learning - I hope - but I am also learning. That is why this profession never gets boring (and I am easily bored...) I hope your experiences are rewarding as well.

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