Monday, May 21, 2007

Questions, questions, questions...

  1. Share something (or multiple things) with the class that moves or inspires you. These can be things to which you have positive or negative reaction, but they need to be things that you react to strongly. Be ready to discuss how they move you.
  2. What do you consider to be sacred?
  3. What is an image?
  4. What is music?
  5. What is New Media?
  6. Why did you chose to go into New Media?
  7. Who are you? Hint - how have you come to be the person you are today and what are you interested in. This may be a very personal question so answer as you see fit, but think about it seriously. You don't have to share everything you experience in your journey through this class.
  8. How is this class impacting you and your approach to New Media? Have you seen any changes in your approach to projects or how you think about New Media? Consider the discussions, projects, and examples we have experienced when you are considering this question.
These are some really heavy questions that cannot be answered in just a couple days, so we will revisit these questions later. I am just posing them now so you can start thinking about them. I imagine your answers will change over time. I ask myself these questions all the time and the answers change continuously, so once again, there are no right or wrong answers - only truthful ones that apply to this moment in time.

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