Monday, May 28, 2007

Answers, continued...

What is New Media?
Communication and problem solving in creative ways using technology? At least that is my attempt for today at defining this behemoth. It is an ever-evolving field that is by virtue of its name destined to be in flux.

Why did you chose to go into New Media?
I have been called unfocused my whole life and the possibilities afforded by New Media really appealed to me. I am searching for identity, humanity and art in an increasingly technological wasteland. But for all its wastes there are many gems waiting to be uncovered.

Who are you?
Egotistical, and I am the first to admit it. I try not to be, but it is ingrained in who I am...

I am a little girl from New Paris, OH who went to sleep 10-years-old and woke up in her late 30's teaching a bunch of college classes! I hope no one notices that I am still just a 10-year-old pretending to be a grown-up... Shhhhh, don't tell anyone...

Who I am changes on a daily basis (wouldn't a therapist love to hear that!) depending on what input I have recently had and who I encounter. At the core I am a searcher who is compelled to share my journeys and observations. (I know, that sounds like so much BS but I can't help how corny it sounds because it is true!) I am doomed to think about everything and analyze those things. It is very difficult to let things just wash over me - that is probably part of why I can't sleep very much. If I am asleep I am missing things... And movies are ruined (but I love them!) because I am always dissecting how they are put together... How can this movie make me cry, or this one make me think about my life, or this one make me feel like a kid again (of course, I just said I am still 10!) I don't usually like mysteries because I can almost always guess the ending. Formulas are so over-rated! I love movies that fool me, because I am looking to see what they are up to and if a filmmaker can pull one on me, I am in love! I love "Unbreakable" and "The Others" for this reason. I guessed "The Sixth Sense" about half way through, and that is too bad, because it was pretty good...

This class has opened a huge flood gate in my own creativity and I am lovin' every minute of it, even if I am really tired. I have so much to say and do that I am just bursting with it. I thought I would hate doing this blog, but I actually love it! I doubt anyone is actually reading it, but at least I am getting all this stuff out. That is huge!

If people choose to listen to what I have to say that is great, but the journey is mainly for myself - I just take others along for the ride. Sometimes what I say/do/think will impact others and effect their journey, other times I am the one being effected. That is
actually when it is most interesting. It is fascinating to watch as my ideas evolve around what other people say/do/think/etc. I guess that is why I love teaching so much. I learn more from the students than they do from me, I think... It's all very exciting and I wouldn't want to change a thing with my life right now! Now that's really saying something!

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