Monday, June 21, 2010

This here rabbit hole ain't big enough... or is it?

  1. OK, let's start with the theory
  2. Let's explain the theory a bit more and tie it with the theme from last class
  3. Let's take a look at some science magic
  4. Let's go back to some quantum theory
  5. Let's go a bit further down the rabbit hole

    Now let's discuss this a bit...
  6. OK, so now that you have expanded your thoughts a little, what would you do if you suddenly had a great idea but you might not be able to communicate it? At all. Think of the roadblocks I have thrown at you this semester. How do those compare to this video?

    If you want to watch more you can watch full episodes here:
  7. From one Master of the Universe to another
  8. Now back to Hawking (and Homer)
  9. What happens when it all starts to come together?
  10. And speaking of playing and being connected, isn't this cool? And did you have a chance to see it?
  11. And while we are on the subject of toys
  12. When does playing turn to creativity, and creativity turn to innovation? And what the hell is innovation, anyway? (not rhetorical - what is it?)
  13. Where can you get inspiration for innovation?
  14. How can curiosity and a sense of wonder play a role?
  15. Never lose your sense of wonder
    In case you are curious as to what the title of the dance troupe means:
  16. Can you really see?
  17. For those who want to think about how queer science can be (not what you might think...)
  18. And if you want your brains to leak out your ears, check this out