Monday, May 28, 2007

Graphics for NMC

These are the graphics I ended up using for the NMC session (at least for now.) I ordered t-shirts, a tote bag, and 2 designs of refrigerator magnets. I really liked when I put the words "What if...?" on the board in class the other day. Thanks to Mary Ellen Reed for pointing out that it is the most important thing to ask in this class...


b-loved said...

The very top one thrilled me the most! For me, it said, "Hey, I DON'T need to use the eye. I DON'T need to have perfectly placed type. I'm bustin' out of the mold!" It represents that moment of transition...from the preconceived attachment to an idea to a willingness to let go and open up to other possibilities. It IS the "What if?...."

And, yet, you were still able to maintain the eye and the type in your other renditions so they weren't lost.

Fabulous! :)

SalmonGod said...

I agree about the top one... my favorite so far... the eye seemed to me like a very typical symbol for anything "deep" or unusual... but the top one is a good abstraction... that's really what you should go for... taking the classic symbol of thoughtfulness and abstracting it