Monday, May 28, 2007

Original logo was too "straight"

Someone posted a comment about the original logo I created for this course, and I agree that it was not sideways enough. So how is this one?

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b-loved said...

Ah, for every person who answers your question you will get a different perspective.

Instead of answering your question, though, here are questions of my own...

How much "sideways" can you get away with regarding this logo?

How far can you bend the design rules and get away with it while still getting across something beautiful and design-worthy?

Just how sideways is sideways when you must consider yourself, your intimate audience (the class), and the rest of your audience (outsiders who don't understand sideways)?

How far can you push it AND your comfort zone and still maintain your core?

Just thoughts....

hehe I like to think that the day you let go of the "font and type" rules will be the day I finally get 'em! ;)