Sunday, February 3, 2008

What if...we never needed to use the bathroom?

What if...we never needed to use the bathroom?

This made me stop and think... I spend a lot of time reading in the bathroom, so what would it be like if I never had to go to the bathroom? I was going to look into What if water was money? but this bathroom thing really caught me...

It is official - Big Brother is now a freakin' perv! I guess there really is no privacy any more... And they will offer me HEALTH counseling based on a timer in the hand dryer that says how long I am in the bathroom??? Yikes!

And let's really think about what it means to "use the bathroom." Does that just mean eliminating bodily waste? Or could it mean grooming as well, or in my case, reading? So, just when you thought it was always the girls who spend too much time in the bathroom, check this out.
(Yes, the picture above is a sink... And no, I don't want to think about the fuzzy pink seat in the picture below. Eeeooo....)

Of course, there are the bathroom Nazis who will only let you go to the bathroom when they feel like it, not when you feel like it.

And finally, if you are British it has been determined that we know precisely how much time you will spend in the bathroom: "Hats off, then, to bathroom retailer Bathstore, which has analysed how much time the average Brit spends showering, brushing their teeth and going to the loo in their lifetime - one year, seven months and 18 days precisely." Read the rest here.

Of course, if we didn't have to go to the bathroom we would not have websites like this: and wouldn't that be sad?

Looks comfy, eh?

Well, I have to end this post for now - I have to go pee... Just think how much longer this post would go on if I never had to use the bathroom! Lucky for you I do!

But before I "go" let me point you to this guy - even sicker than me!

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Evan said...

In France you have to pay to use most of the public restrooms. The free restrooms are just wholes in the ground. Literally. No lights, no toilet paper, no door, just a whole in the floor in a small free-standing building. Worse than an out-house.