Monday, February 25, 2008

Home sick today

I was home sick today and had to cancel class. But this is what I did once I could sit at the computer for a while.


Modest Alchemist said...

That's cute.. Goats are cute. They say Baah.

Tristan said...

I hope you didn't catch a case of bird flu from all those chickens you have!

I skipped around your blog, and from what I can tell, you're having your students blog as part of an assignment/project? I think this is a great idea: I had no blogging experience (besides MySpace - ugh - and Facebook) before I started my company's podcast. Now, in addition to that, I have my own blog (, and I based my volunteer website ( on a Wordpress blog as well.

It's kind of a pain to maintain a blog with regular posts, but when you have something good to say, it's a great tool to have!

Douglas M. Atkinson said...

Wow! This is what you did with a few minutes in front of the computer? Mad skills!

Douglas M. Atkinson said...
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