Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Interesting class yesterday

This really was an interesting class. Yesterday we discussed the notion of "what moves you." It was the first time I really saw us come together as a functional discussion group. For the first time I found that people actually had more to say than I gave them time to do so! What a wonderful problem.

We discussed everything from religion and how it relates (or doesn't) to spirituality to racism to family to time. (Note the irony in the religion picture as it relates to seeing sideways. I couldn't resist! Sorry.)

I love watching as a class of people begins to open to one another and based on the serious conversations in the second part of class, I think we are bonding well as a group and exchanging ideas more freely. Point in fact, when Jace was talking and I thought he was finished so I gave someone else the reins of the discussion - but he was not finished. AND he had the nerve to say he wasn't done saying what he wanted! Bravo Jace!

Another example of how the group dynamic is really forming was when 2 or more people started talking about something at the same time. A few times Evan, Brandon, and Doug all wanted to say something at the same time. I suddenly found myself in the role of moderator instead of dentist (trying to pull the comments out of people like a dentist pulling teeth.) I guess I was not ready for this much enthusiasm! The only problem I could see might be that other students who are not as forceful may not have the opportunity to participate. Mental note: look at ways to moderate a discussion more effectively.

So, in light of this enthusiasm here is what I am asking the class to do this week:
For the coming week your assignment is to post something to your blog each day. What you post is completely up to you, but I would like for you to think about what moves you when creating these posts. During class we discussed how it is the emotion and feelings that you experience about what moves you that is the key, not the actual thing that moves you. These emotions are very profound (hence why it moves you) and difficult to verbalize. Language often does not have the means to convey deep emotions. But is it possible to still convey that emotion somehow? Can you show these feelings? Can you create something with these feelings? This quest could be a very good subject for your blog entries. The point is that if there is something that moves you to emotion that is too large for words, then others will respond to the genuine quality of that experience if you can find a way to communicate it. Can you convey that emotional experience somehow? And that my friends, can take a lifetime to accomplish, so don't be upset if you can't find a way in just 7 blogs. But it can be a good start.
The image above was blatently stolen from this website.
I guess I just wanted you to know that for some reason...

I am curious to see how the class handles this assignment... I think we are starting to make some interesting progress as a class, but more importantly, I am seeing changes in individuals. That is really exciting.

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