Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not a great day

The thing about blogs is that you are publicly sharing your thoughts/ideas/randomness with people who probably don't really give a damn. It is all so much chatter with no real point.

I have been very negative today and this whole class/idea seems pointless. I know I will feel differently later, so I will let it be later before I come back here. I think I have a major case of cabin fever and I have developed a serious case of insomnia lately.

If I am burned out on this whole thing how must the students be feeling? Or is it just me? Right now I am so very sick of analyzing everything...

I don't want to blog any more so good night.

1 comment:

ric said...

Yea, that's been my feelings on blogs all along. When it comes down to it, who has the time to read through all this crap then comment about it? That's a full-time job in itself. I'm lucky if I get to read a post a day.