Saturday, June 2, 2007

What if...?

Follow me down this rabbit hole and let's see where we go...

Take the question "What if...?" and finish it 50 times. Here are some examples I came up with in just a little time... You don't have to spend hours on it, but you can if you want. I find myself asking this silly little question over and over again... It gives my mind something to do while I am driving. I also discovered today that while I was driving I started coming up with lots of interesting ideas with no way to record them. So I called my office number and left a message for myself on voice-mail. The system at the University is so cool in that voice-mails then get sent automatically to my e-mail as a .wav file! Not only do I have my ideas saved, but I have them in a file format I can play with on the computer!!! How cool is that?
  1. What if... the world really is flat and you could stand on the edge?
  2. What if... you put a laptop on a pen with 35 chickens?
  3. What if... I wore my underwear outside my pants for a day?
  4. What if... I could only experience the world through the sense of smell?
  5. What if... gravity was random?
  6. What if... all the world's computers vanished in the middle of the night tomorrow?
  7. What if... people smoked carrots?
  8. What if... my red is your blue?
  9. What if... French fries were really from France?
  10. What if... I was a platypus?
  11. What if... flowers had eyes?
  12. What if... cottage cheese was really made of little cottages?
  13. What if... you could talk to the people who live in cottage cheese cottages?
  14. What if... there were really no rules?
  15. What if... bleach smelled like cognac?
  16. What if... I never kept an appointment?
  17. What if... light waves could make figure eights?
  18. What if... dogs spoke Spanish?
  19. What if... you could see 200 feet into the ground all the time?
  20. What if... you could do 3-d on your phone?
  21. What if... wind came from the ground?
  22. What if... evil was good?
  23. What if... good was evil?
  24. What if... earthquakes opened wormholes to the center of the earth?
  25. What if... everyone laughed 8 hours a day?
  26. What if... men wore bras?
  27. What if... forks had only one tine?
  28. What if... penguins had thumbs?
  29. What if... you hug every person you see in a day?
  30. What if... water burned and then lightning hit the ocean?
  31. What if... faeries were real and live in teacups?
  32. What if... dust didn't exist?
  33. What if... snakes spelled words when they slither?
  34. What if... flowers were extinct?
  35. What if... you programed all your code backward and it worked?
  36. What if... math made sense to everyone?
  37. What if... you found a fossil of your own face?
  38. What if... rainbows were really ribbons from the birthday packages of alien children?
  39. What if... your day was completely random?
  40. What if... cars drove only in reverse?
  41. What if... I could breathe water?
  42. What if... these questions were to never end?
  43. What if... no one ever asked a question again?
  44. What if... everyone on earth blew their nose really hard at exactly the same time?
  45. What if... time got stuck?
  46. What if... paper giggled when you wrote on it?
  47. What if... buildings changed height depending on how many people were in them at one time?
  48. What if... you had a truly original idea?
  49. What if... you could hear the sun?
  50. What if... this class makes a difference in your life?

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