Sunday, June 24, 2007

Last class

Wednesday, June 20 was our last day of class. :-( Every one is sad to see it end... especially Antonio, as you can see!)

In attendance were 19 students, 1 teacher, 3 visitors, one child, one Great Dane puppy, and 2 baby sugar gliders. It was anything but a boring evening!
There was a lot of interest in continuing to meet in some way so we are looking into ways to arrange monthly meetings to discuss all things sideways. We all bonded as a group and it is the first class I have ever experienced (either teaching or taking) where no one wanted it to end...

The final projects were great! We had everything from:
  • a 3-d website interface created in Google Sketch-Up (the sideways part was based on one of the creators having just gotten glasses and a part of the UI will involve not being able to see unless you put on virtual glasses before you navigate...)
  • to a Dada-inspired performance piece,
  • to finding ways to animate Z-Brush3 images (the program does not support animation like the student wants to do...)
  • to very non-traditional methods of scrapbooking,
  • to a sculpture that incorporates a cast of a female bust combined with computer parts,
  • to a digital photography life-sized version of the old kid's game of "Guess Who?"...
  • to a digital interpretation of a ceramic sculpture idea about peace and war
  • to exploring new software for managing databases
  • to creating a wearable rack of digital cameras to photography multiple viewpoints of a subject simultaneously
  • to in-depth research of the artist Basquiat
  • to a continuation of the storyline developed from the egg assignment (1st assignment in this class)
  • to outdoor assemblage sculpture of mixed media
  • to typographic experiments
  • to stereoscopic video coupled with scent stimulation
  • to experimental coding for video gaming
  • to explorations of juxtaposition of peace and war images
  • to experimenting with metaphor in words and images
  • to my creation of this experimental class...
The variety and depth of ideas was astonishing! Look at the blogs of interest (on the right side of my blog) over the next few days/weeks for updates on these projects and images.

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