Thursday, June 14, 2007

My bliss comes in the shape of a Great Dane!

I chose to take my bliss time for the current sideways assignment the day after class so we could go down to my neighbors and visit with the puppy we bought. We will officially pick him up the day after the Summer I session is over - that is June 21, next Thursday!

In the mean time we
have some pictures. We have finally decided to name him Beowulf. That is the third, and final, name we have come up with for him. The first was Faust (too demonic sounding for Martinsville) and the second was Wagner, like the composer, but people will pronounce it with a "w" sound and not the "v" sound at the beginning... We briefly considered Wozzeck after my favorite opera, but we quickly realized that we are the only people besides about 10 others on the entire planet who would have even a remote clue how to handle that name!

So we came up with the name Beowulf today and it is perfect! We don't care that some people will still not know how to pronounce it. It really fits him! So Beowulf it is
! I can just see it now - I am sure his unofficial name will be "Woofy!"

He was born on April 5, 2007 and he is an onyx brindle Great Dane! When he was at the vet a week ago for some shots he weighed 22 lbs! And he feels like every pound of that when you pick him up. But boy is he a snuggle bug! That will be interesting when he weights close to 150-200
lbs! Fun times are ahead!

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Anonymous said...

He's so cute... he's got M.E. eyes! :)