Monday, February 2, 2009

The nose on your face

During the course of a normal day how many times do you find yourself making a decision? Do you ever weigh two (or more) options before making a choice?

For example, if your car gets stuck in the snow (true story, BTW) how do you solve that problem? What do think of immediately? Does thinking about the problem make it any better? At what point to you act? More importantly, what do you DO? How do you decide to do one thing over another? What if the first thing you do does not work? If the first idea does not work don't you then go through a list of possible solutions? What if none of them work?

Be conscious of your daily thoughts and I think you will be surprised how common this thought process is.

Enter the "50 "What if...?" exercise.

So why is it so hard (pointless, silly, boring, dumb, easy, blow-off, insert your own thought here) to have a formal exercise where you ask 50 "What if...?" questions? Don't you already do it all the time? But do you ever think about doing it on a daily basis?

Isn't it odd to see something you already do in a new light?

Often tools to help unblock our creative minds are right in front of us - we only need to see them and use them in a different way.

Did you struggle with the exercise? Why?

Could the problem with the "What if...?" exercise be that this it is unfocused and the questions you ask are random or just stream-of-conscious? It is fun (for some of us,) but does it really help you do anything????

Did you find it easier, and more meaningful, to point the "What if...?" question at your classmates' egg projects?

Did a question posed to you by someone else about your egg help you see the project any differently? Does it still feel so dumb? (yes and/or no answers are completely fine - there is no right answer to these...)

So how can harnessing this innate sense of inquiry and problem solving help you be more creative with new media projects?

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