Thursday, September 25, 2008


What the hell is a zoetrope anyway? Watch the video and click this link to find out.

UPDATE: 9-27-08
For some reason they have taken down the video that I had linked here... It was of a large scale stroboscopic zoetrope. It was basically stop motion animation in real life, controlled by railroad pump cars that powered the merry-go-round and strobe lights and as the lights flashed you would see the next stage in the animation... But, alas, the video is gone for some mysterious reason.

But trust me, it was way cool...

UPDATE: 9-28-08
I found it on Youtube! It is the one from 2007 and it is controlled by bikes, but the idea is the same. Here it is at night (as intended to be experienced for the animation effect...)

And here is it is by daylight (so you can see what the hell it actually is...)

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