Monday, January 28, 2008

What if...

The assignment this week is the 50 what if's...

It has been interesting to watch this class. It is very different from the last group and we all seem very uncomfortable sharing thoughts and ideas. We seem like a very "safe" group... Today we will take that head on and see what happens. Either the whole class will revolt or it will help loosen us up. Either reaction would be better than indifference. My quest is to combat this apathy and find out what it takes to light the fire needed to start the synergy for this group. I KNOW we are all interesting individuals, I just need to find the "on" switch.
  1. what if it rained Pop Rocks candy
  2. what if i wore horribly mismatched clothes and no one ever said anything about it
  3. what if my cat was really an alien
  4. what if my ears could talk
  5. what if my eyes had mouths
  6. what if no one does this assignment
  7. what if all students refused to do homework
  8. what if we all stopped paying taxes
  9. what if the whole class spontaneously burped at the same time
  10. what if hot air balloons were powered with methane
  11. what if i used punctuation in all my im's and chatrooms
  12. what if you could only spell with numbers
  13. what if cars ran on dead fish
  14. what if grass bled when you cut it
  15. what if i didn't shower for 2 years
  16. what if eating Rolaids made you gay
  17. what if Coke (the drink) was a health food
  18. what if coke (not the drink) was used in Frosted Flakes
  19. what if i didn't do 50 of these
  20. what if i asked the same question
  21. over
  22. and
  23. over
  24. and
  25. over
  26. and
  27. over
  28. and
  29. over
  30. and
  31. over
  32. and
  33. over
  34. and
  35. over
  36. and
  37. over
  38. and
  39. over
  40. and
  41. over
  42. and
  43. you
  44. never
  45. heard
  46. the
  47. answer
  48. to
  49. the
  50. question

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