Monday, February 25, 2013

In the moment....


When looking at our roadblocks to creativity, consistently we tend to look at outward limitations such as lack of money, time, opportunity, etc. Each and every one of us has the unlimited potential for change and creativity and it is inside us, not outside. By holding on to the past and not acknowledging our baggage and then releasing it as needed, or by looking into the future and being weighed down by the anxieties of what might happen, we imprison ourselves within a cell of our own construction. 

Indeed, money is necessary to function in this world, but it is not from this world where creativity springs. It is from within, and there is no amount of money that can purchase that which you already have. Likewise, time; time is a construct of humans that allows us to schedule our lives, but those who have found pleasure in creative pursuits know that creativity is timeless. We all have time to let our minds wander where they may; why do you think so many ideas are born in the shower, or in a dream? Those are the moments that are always within a life and can't be scheduled for other pursuits. In fact, these moments of time where the mind is free from past and future worries that plague us are necessary to basic human existence. Humans are inherently creative beings but unfortunately we forget this as we fill our lives with insane schedules and allow our minds to be preoccupied with past mistakes and future anxieties, crowding out the beauty of this one moment, which is followed by another that is also this one moment. In any single moment all is possible because nothing has happened to make it into a memory and the next moment has yet to arrive, which might force a choice, which can then become a regret. This one single moment is happening right now. And NOW is the only thing that matters and NOW is always inside us.

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