Monday, January 23, 2012


(from notes on the board in class today)

too many choices = dissatisfaction with choice because you could have chosen something better = "I am not creative" because it did not turn out as well as another choice might have = you play it safe next time = always playing it safe leads to burnout = burnout breeds apathy = apathy can become pervasive and lead to dissatisfaction with everything

If you employ the "fishbowl" technique you can use limitations and parameters to cut down the choices and help you better achieve goals that lead to personal satisfaction.

Fishbowling is an iterative process that includes permutations of the following ideas (in no particular order:)
  • experiment
  • look for connections and familiarity
  • define a goal
  • procrastinate
  • doodle around until you find an idea
  • look for interesting ways to achieve goal
  • have a due date
  • make a statement
  • get a reaction
  • time limit on project
  • safety
  • research
  • know yourself and how you work
  • necessity
  • solve a problem
  • if Beth lets us do it or not!
  • limitations

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