Sunday, November 21, 2010

And from this inspiration...

...came this:

silent symphony
sounds pile
one upon another
to create the unheard
layers of my life

when i stop
to eavesdrop
on all this silence
i begin to hear
this other world
of my unnoticed
constant soundtrack

the clack
of the keyboard
in staccato rhythm
as i type
for each thought
then machine gunning
through the ideas

the trickle of water
from the lap
of the Buddha
nestled in the corner
spouting forth tranquility
while serenely holding
the LED lotus
of enlightenment
from which the cats
constantly sip

the burble and tick
of the pot on the stove
joyously sending
clouds of cinnamon
and cumin scented comfort
throughout the house

the muffled DONK
as the computer
signals another attempt
to communicate
with the outside world
returning from cyberspace
with an empty mail bag

all these sounds
are held steady
by the pulsing rhythm
and soft electrical hum
from the ever turning
hardly noticed fan
that vents poisonous fumes
from under the house
keeping me alive
to ignore another day

in this silent symphony
the cough i make
as i clear my throat
seems murderously

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