Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An unexpected visitor

the mourning dove (6-2-09)
you come to me
from a clear blue sky
in a flurry of feathers
and a jacket of fur
(lined with a tooth)
your heart beats
the rhythm of life
a song in the hand
of a tone deaf composer
as your infinite energy
mingles with mine
a symbol of peace
and divine transformation
so fragile
yet stronger than time
you left me
the gift of a tiny feather
an emblem of power
and grace without end
but the legacy you leave
is a life touched forever
and a journey through grief
so hard fought yet true
sweetened by love
(yet still missing you)
coming full circle
as the moon shines unseen
in the heat of the day
while one life must end
for another to bloom
in the light of a dove
in the palm of my hand

Inspired by this event (but the dove did not die - that refers to something else in the poem...)

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