Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just work it out however you can

moving on

green light bounces
and shimmers
as rays of water
transformed into light
fill the shadows
tracing happy patterns
in the darkness
that skitter from
my touch

birdsong beckons
from distant shores
and the rocking of this boat
takes on a hypnotic trance
that feels like contentment
yet drips with colors
reflected from the past
in a hall of mirrors
where each vision
bends a little
around the next
until the original
is no more

the lids of my eyes
grow heavy and weak
fragile shades against
the storm of memory
that beats against this
placid hull
full of sights and sounds
and smells
which can only be conjured
in the mind
oblivious to the light
and song and feel
of the world outside

but the glorious forms
of these daggers of light
tattoo my eyes
with the reality of now
cracking this case
around my heart
in which I lug
the memories
of the dead
until I can no longer
tell where memory stops
and reality begins

each crack opens
a waterfall of light
and drowns my senses
with the beauty
of life without you
my brow smooths
in this soft kiss of color
blinding my eyes
with the burden
of moving on
into the sunlight
without leaving
the best of myself
to play in the shadows
with my beloved

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